Heavy Duty RC Front Loader Truck, 9 Channel

Heavy Duty RC Front Loader Truck, 9 Channel

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Our Top Race 9 Channel Remote Control Full Functional Front Loader Bulldozer TR-133G with lights & sound is the perfect match for passionate hobbyists and children. The Top Race Bulldozer is a unique, powerful heavy duty machine with a metal shovel and metal parts, which can carry up to 2 Lbs on its shovel. Despite it’s quite massive appearance it works without gas and completely runs on batteries. NOT JUST A KIDS TOY - The Top Race TR-133G is not a kids toy but rather a professional machine for hobbyists to fulfill their dream of controlling a real excavator. The added headlights and sound give it that finished touch and look as if its a real bulldozer. REMOTE CONTROL - The TR-133G Loader comes equipped with an advanced remote control system which lets you control every part of this truck through the touch or move of the buttons. The front and back of the truck are hinged so it will turn like the real trucks and not like a toy as 1 part. BATTERY - The Top Race excavator comes equipped with a powerful 400 Mah battery for superb performance which will give you a pleasant 25 min play time on a charge of about 1-2 hours. ATTACHMENTS - The TR-133G shovel attachment is made of heavy duty steel and the tires are made out of robust thick rubber which will easily override any obstacle in the way. Included is also a clear instructions manual on how to maneuver this heavy machine. Suitable for ages 8+.


  • Brand - Top Race
  • Item # - TR-133G
  • Weight - 4.54 lb
  • MSRP - $89.99