Privacy Policy

Here at Top Race we take your privacy and personal information very seriously. Please be assured that we do not record or store any of your personal data, such as financial information, and we never supply any of the information we collect to third parties.

Information we collect

As people navigate through our site, we collect data from their visits. This usually includes information on IP addresses, browser choice, device type, page views, paths taken, products viewed, general geographical information and search terms. This general statistical information is then collated and used to improve our site, inform our marketing, and view how well our site is reaching people and being used by them. This kind of analytical information is gathered by the majority of websites, and is purely for research and development purposes. You will not be individually identified by this information; it is entirely anonymous and is used only for statistical research.
We also collect information provided voluntarily by you, such as information you enter when you make a purchase, or when you communicate with us, by any means. This includes your name and contact details. In the event of a query or direct communication with us, we will use these contact details in order to reach you with an answer. Otherwise, we will not contact you with unsolicited marketing or advertising materials.


Cookies are small files that collect information every time you access a website. They are created and stored on your computer, mobile and other devices, and are used to authenticate visitors, track behaviour and enable important site features such as shopping baskets, pre-populated forms, and to remember preferences.
Whereas some cookies are used for these necessary features, some are used to collect information about how you arrived on and used a site, your preferred country, language and currency, and your preferred products and views. We may use the statistical information gathered by these cookies to focus our targeted advertising, making the adverts you see more relevant to your tastes and interests, and to remember your preferences for when you view our website in the future.
By using , you are agreeing to our use of cookies to study such information. You can adjust your cookie settings and block this information from being recorded at any time, however please note that this may impact the functionality of our website and will affect your viewing of our products and services.