ToyZe® Fire Truck with Water Pump and Extending Ladder with Flashing Lights Sirens, Battery Operated Bump Go Action Toy

The ToyZe® water spraying red fire engine toy truck is a fun and exciting toy for kids of ages 5+ years. The emergency vehicle truck will bump and go into anything and will just back out and continue on his journey! With those realistic flashing blue and red fire truck lights and sounds make it real and live to a child especially with that extendable ladder and it’s fire hose connected to it. Water will spray out of the hose with just a press of a button. A child can pretend as if he/she is on the go to a real fire, leaving the pretended fire station as the fire man slides down the fire pole with the red flashing light on the top of the fire engine vehicle and it’s long fire hose and ladder attached to it. Best of all, the hose can actually spray water at the pretended fire with it’s long clear water fire pump! The dimensions of the fire truck is 10 X 4.5 X 3 inches. The ladder can extend up to one foot long.

  • ToyZe® Bump and Go Action emergency fire rescue toy, if he bumps into anything he will just back out and continue on his journey!
  • Rescuing fire engine toy with bright flashing blue and red lights with sirens and water pump hose
  • Fire toy includes a 1 foot extendable ladder with a water hose connected and can rotate 360 degrees.
  • Water shoots up to 6 Feet with the press of the red button.
  • 3 "AA" Batteries Required (not included). for Ages 5+ Truck Dimension fire truck is 10 X 4.5 X 3 inches.

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