Top Race 12 Channel Remote Control Crane, Battery Powered Radio Control Construction Crane With Lights & Sound (TR-214)

dLet your kids turn their room into a construction site! Your kids cognitive and creative skills will be sharpened as they play with our remote-control crane toys. TOP RACE crane toys have eye catching design that looks beautiful. I bet you`ll love them. You or your kids will operate this remote-control crane truck with apparent ease as it has 4 button designs so that your kids will operate it super easy. Isn`t that great?

Top RACE remote control crane comes with 4 AAA batteries. This crane toy will never interfere with other Top Race Construction toys as it is designed with 40Mhz frequency control. You and your kids can have more than one of our toys and catch more fun as you and your kids play together with our unique remote-control crane toy.

You can control this Fully Functional toy backward, forward, left, right, hook up and down. You and your kids will get endless fun as well as improve your creative skills as you play with our crane toys.

Package Includes
TR-214 RC Crane
7.2v rechargable battery pack
40Mhz Remote
Ages 8+

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