Top Race® Remote Control Robot for Young Techies

The new toy of the future, this remote control robot will provide hours of fun and surprises with its life-like gestures and personalized responses. Watch as this robot toy comes to life with five realistic operating modes that allows the robot to dance, box, drive, load and carry things. 

At 9" tall, the Top Race® Robot Toy is taller than most remote control toys including the mip robot. Enjoy playful communication with personalized responses through motion, sounds and RGB LED lights. With its dual-wheel balancing, this toy robot can stay upright all by itself. The additional tray feature allows it to balance all sorts of things for enhanced carrying capabilities. 

Control your smart robot from more than 65 feet away with the powerful 2.4 Ghz transmitter. Enjoy added fun with the remote control capabilities. Carry items from one room to another with the included tray and impress friends with your cool robot tricks. 

The perfect gift for both young and old alike, this smart robot will provide hours of fun and entertainment with its high-tech features and personalized responses. Experience a sense of wonderment with this unique toy of the future. 

Package Includes: 

- Robot
- 2.4 Ghz transmitter
- 4 x AAA rechargeable batteries
- Battery charger
- 2 x AAA batteries (not included) 

Recommend for Ages 8+Age 8+

  • Life-like robot: with five life-like operating modes, you can make this robot toy dance, box, drive, load and carry things whenever you want.
  • Responsive personality: watch this smart robot come to life with its personalized responses communicated through motion, sounds and led lights.
  • Remote control fun: enjoy remote control capabilities of more than 65 feet with this fun new tech toy with 2. 4 ghz transmitter.
  • Hi-tech gift: an exciting gift for both young and old, this remote control robot is a gift they'll remember and spend hours interacting with.
  • What's included: rc robot, 2. 4 ghz transmitter, 4 x AAA batteries and battery charger. Fun for ages 8+.

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