Top Race® F22 Remote Control Fighter Jet Plane for Flying Hobbyists

Enjoy a thrilling flying experience with the Top Race® Remote Control Fighter Jet with quad copter 3-Axis gyro technology. Fly up to 140 ft away or hover with its Quad Copter Technology that’s lifted and propelled by four rotors, making it easier to fly and control. 

Enjoy both an indoor and outdoor flying experience. Navigate through different obstacles and terrain for an added challenge. With its durable elastic foam material, this rc fighter plane can crash plenty of times without breaking. Throw it by hand and push the throttle to fly or enjoy a realistic take off experience by starting on the ground and using the wheels to take off. 

Operating on a 2.4 GHz radio system with four control channels, this rc airplane has plenty of power and maneuverability to give you the similar thrill of flying a real fighter jet. Enjoy 12 minutes of flying time in one go and plenty of movement from all directions plus drifting and hovering capabilities to help you show off your flying skills. 

The Top Race® rc jet fighter is a realistic replica of a real F22 fighter jet. Let your imagination soar with this 14" long and 10" wide mini jet plane with added Quad Copter Technology. 

Package Includes: 
- F22 Fighter Jet
- 2.4Ghz Transmitter 
- 3.7V Battery
- USB Charging Cable

  • Detailed craftmanship: built from durable foam material, this rc plane can be flown both indoors and out. Its light-weight material makes it great for both beginners and experienced pilots.
  • Hover and fly: propelled by four rotors using 3-axis gyro technology, this rc jet plane can hover and fly for a unique hybrid flying experience that will test your remote control skills - great for beginners too.
  • Quality construction: made with elastic foam material so this rc jet fighter can crash without breaking. Throw it by hand and push the throttle or take off from the ground for a versatile flying experience.
  • Easy charging: each remote control jet comes with a USB charger for convenient charging and provides up to 12 minutes of flying time per 40 minutes of charging.

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