How to Do an Incredible Aerial Maneuver With Your RC Helicopter

Flying remote-control helicopters, drones, and quadcopters are fun in and of itself, but being able to fly them with accuracy and perform some aerial acrobats is sure to take the excitement to the next level. 

You can show off how good you are at controlling your RC aircraft all day long and have no one bat an eye; but when you pull off an elaborate trick like flying your aircraft upside down, you can be sure that everyone will take notice.

Below are some tips and instructions on how you can learn to fly your RC helicopter upside down without crashing it into a building or the ground.

  • To fly your RC aircraft upside down, you must be very proficient with trimming techniques. This means that your trim gear has to be in good working condition and adjusted properly.
  • A good idea is to start learning this trick by first performing the steps below on an online simulator. This will give you the training you need to perform the trick without the risk of destroying your helicopter should something go wrong.
  • Start by increasing the throttle so that your helicopter is just barely off the ground. Don't increase it too much; you don't want to actually take flight yet. When learning a new trick its important to take things slow so you don't crash and ruin your helicopter.
  • Now move the cyclic control around to feel where and how the helicopter is going to react in the wind and increase the throttle so that you're now hovering a few feet off the ground. At this height, try to keep the helicopter as stable as you can and, once you are used to the new height, increase the throttle again to move higher up. This will give you a good feel of what the RC helicopter will do.
  • Here is where the trick gets difficult. Remember to follow through and don't back out halfway through the trick. If you back out, you will crash; if you follow through you have a better chance of successfully pulling off the trick and not crashing.
  1. Start a loop by decreasing your angle and increasing your forward speed.
  2. Once your helicopter starts to dip, increase the angle so your helicopter starts looping upward.
  3. Move your angle to -2 once you have reached the top of your arc.
  4. Add more cyclic as you're moving to the top of your dive, and slowly add negative collective as you're approaching the top of your loop.
  5. Once at the top of your loop the negative collective should change the motion and you'll be upside down.

Remember to take your time and if you get frustrated, be sure to take a break. This break will allow you to refocus and keep you from potentially crashing your RC aircraft and ruining your day.

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