Choosing the Right Indoor RC Vehicle

With so many RC vehicles to choose from now days, it can be very difficult to choose the right one for your needs, much else one that you can use safely indoors. 

While using an RC vehicle indoors its important to remember some basic safety guidelines beforehand.

Whether the vehicle drives or flies, it can still be very harmful to people, pets, the home itself, and don't forget grandmas fine china. To safely operate an RC vehicle indoors, you must have enough room and you should be sure that it will not be in a high traffic area where you could run into somebody or someone could accidentally step on your vehicle causing irreparable damage.

After finding a safe place to use your RC vehicle that is away from people and pets, you need to make sure that any breakable (remember the fine china) items, will be secured or moved out of the way. Why are we going through so much trouble just to enjoy our RC vehicles? First off, you do want to enjoy your vehicle right? If it gets broken or causes any issues, you could end up without a vehicle to enjoy. Too many times, we have seen RC helicopter crashes that seem minor, turn out to be major and cause a lot of damage to the vehicle and the wall or light fixture it ran into.

Now that you understand the safety aspects of using an RC vehicle inside, its time to choose one that suits your needs and your indoor space. If you live in a small space or you have low ceilings, a larger flying vehicle would not be a good choice. You want to experience the adventure of flying, not crashing so choose a smaller RC helicopter or UAV and get in more flight time safely and without crashing into walls.

The same goes for land operated RC vehicle. If you have long hallways or adventurous rooms where you can truly drive your vehicle and put it to its limits, by all means get the biggest, fastest RC car you can find. If not, choose one that isnt quite as powerful and that wont cause as much damage to furniture and havoc to your pets.

Properly choosing an RC vehicle for indoor use can make your time spent with it much more enjoyable and hassle free. Take it from us, and have more fun with your RC vehicles indoors or out.

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